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We ship cars to Latin America in shipping containers, by airplane and roll-on/roll-off ships from our facilities in Florida, New Jersey and California.

Car Shipping to Latin America from the USA

Save yourself the trouble and work with the reliable car shipping company which specializes in shipping from the USA to Latin America. We work with all types of customers including individual and wholesale clients. We also provide support to numerous car rallies which take place across South America. 

We offer container services, Roll-on/Roll-off,  and air freight. Rates vary for each method of shipping chosen, and the number of cars being shipped. To get our current rates instantly, please us the car shipping calculator on this page. Contact us if you have any questions.

Top Destinations To Import Cars 

  • Guatemala: Import tax autos and SUV's 20% Pick up trucks 32% Boats 27% Motorcycles 10%

  • Costa Rica: Import taxes 3 y/o or newer 53%, 4-5 y/o 64%, 7 y/o 79%

  • Honduras: New cars 10% luxury tax,  used cars 3.4% CIF,  truck vary from 6.8% - 10.2%

  • El Salvador:  Cars must be less than 8 y/o, trucks less than 15 y/o, buses less than 10 y/o, auto tax 1% - 30% & 1% for trucks and buses

  • Brazil: 18% for SKD and 16% for CKD 

  • Colombia: Import tax Autos 35%, trucks 15%, VAT 16%, Consumption tax 8% for vehicles valued at $30,00 or less, 16% for vehicles valued over $30,000 

  • Uruguay: Import taxes for eligible cars 23% CIF value

  • Peru: Import taxes on used cars 72% of the CIF value. New cars 45% of the CIF value

  • Argentina: 21% VAT for autos, 5%-21.5% for trucks


Brazil Chile
Costa Rica Guatemala
Panama Peru
and others!  

International Car Shipping Options

Porsche 911 Container


  • Weekly container consolidation
  • Load 1-4 vehicles & parts in container
  • Vehicle doesn't have to run & drive
roro boat shipping


  • For RVs, buses, & heavy machinery
  • Vehicles must run & drive
  • Can fit oversize vehicles
Ferrari F12 Airplane


  • Fastest shipping method available
  • Delivery between airports worldwide
  • Crating available

Cost of Car Shipping to Latin America from the USA

The rates on shipping cars to Latin America depend on the port of departure, and the destination port and country. The more container volume the port handles, the cheaper it will be to ship your car. For example, it is cheaper to ship from the port of Oakland, or the port of New York/New Jersey than it is to ship from the port of Tacoma. You can also save money on shipping by using a consolidated container, which allows you to split the cost of shipping with other customers. You will have your car in the container along with others. Get a rate right now by using our instant car shipping calculator.

Import Cars from South America

We also provide car import services to the United States from South America.


Shipping Process From the USA to Latin America

The process of shipping your car to Latin America begins with choosing how you want it shipped. Most customers choose to ship in a container because of current record low rates, and the incredible value of being able to load other parts or household goods inside the container. You can also make the choice of shipping your car via RoRo to South America. 

Ferrari cars waiting to be shipped overseas to the Middle East

Porsche 918 shipping overseas

What's Included In The Price

To receive a container shipping quote use our instant car shipping calculator to Latin America above. Simply fill out the pickup location if you want us to collect your vehicle from you, choose which US coast you would like to ship from (New Jersey or California), and select the destination country and city/port. You can then choose an option for the amount of cars you are shipping, whether it is 1 or 4 cars, we can ship it all to Latin America. And unlike other car shipping companies, we charge the same flat-rate, no matter the size of your car. Shipping a Toyota Tacoma will cost you the same as shipping a Toyota Camry to Africa. You can also get a quote on shipping boats, motorcycles, and pallets by following the same procedures.


Do I Drop Off The Car Myself?

Whichever way you choose to ship your car to Latin America, we also offer the ability to collect your vehicles from anywhere in the US. We can pickup all types of vehicles, from new cars, used cars, classic cars, and salvage cars. We work within our network of trusted transporters who move vehicles via open or enclosed transport. All of our ground transporters are insured, bonded, and maintain an excellent rating.

Once your vehicles are received at our shipping facilities in either California or New Jersey, they are inspected, photographed and logged into our modern logistics system. You can track your vehicle online just like any other international shipment. We offer free storage during the time is takes for the vehicle to be loaded and shipped in a consolidated container.


Container Size Information

Depending on the size of your vehicles, and if you are shipping any other household goods or auto parts, we are able to load anywhere from one to six cars in a single container. Your vehicle can also be in nearly any condition, from a salvage car to an exotic - we treat them all with white glove service.


Lamborghini Aventador shipping overseas

Cargo Damage Protection

Optional cargo damage protection is available on all international shipments with West Coast Shipping. Rates are calculated based on the vehicle value. 

Read more about protecting your investment here.


Dream Cars Delivered Worldwide

Leading dealerships, auctions, museums and events ship their vehicles, motorcycles, and special projects around the world with West Coast Shipping. We have the expertise to handle them all.

How We Work

At West Coast Shipping, we strive to provide the best international vehicles shipping services on the market. You can depend us to deliver on time, and on budget.

Dealer or Wholesaler? Contact us


Safe and Secure Car Handling

Our expert shipping team consists of in-house loaders who specialize in safely handling classic cars during their journey overseas. We do not outsource our loading to anyone but our own trusted team.


Locations on Both US Coasts

Strategically placed shipping facilities on both the East and West coasts provide secure and affordable points of export and import. Secure indoor storage for your vehicles is also available.

Sea Air International Car Shipping

Turn Key Delivery

We pickup and deliver classic cars door to door, around the world. Everything from pickup, loading, shipping, delivery and customs clearance can be arranged. Relax, and enjoy the trip.

What Makes Us Unique

What distinguished West Coast Shipping from other international car shipping companies when it comes to shipping classic cars from the USA?

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