Car Shipping to South America from the USA

Save yourself the trouble and work with the reliable car shipping company which specializes in shipping from the USA to all countries in South America. We work with all types of customers including individual and wholesale clients. We also provide support to numerous car rallies which take place across South America. 

Cars are shipped in containers, via Roll-on/Roll-off, or air freight. Rates vary for each method of shipping chosen, and the number of cars being shipped. To get our current rates instantly, please us the car shipping calculator on this page. Contact us if you have any questions.

Here are some of the countries we service in South America: Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru and more.


Cost of Shipping to South America

The rates on shipping cars to South America depend on the port of departure, and the destination port and country. The more container volume the port handles, the cheaper it will be to ship your car. For example, it is cheaper to ship from the port of Oakland, or the port of New York/New Jersey than it is to ship from the port of Tacoma. You can also save money on shipping by using a consolidated container, which allows you to split the cost of shipping with other customers. You will have your car in the container along with others. Get a rate right now by using our instant car shipping calculator.

Car Shipping to South America


Shipping Cars Overseas

The process of shipping your car to South America begins with choosing how you want it shipped. Most customers choose to ship in a container because of current record low rates, and the incredible value of being able to load other parts or household goods inside the container. You can also make the choice of shipping your car via RoRo to South America. 




Documents Required for Export

The process of transporting cars, motorcycles, boats, heavy equipment, or pallets to South America requires the clearance of US customs. They will need the following paperwork in order for them to clear your shipment from the USA:

Once we receive your documents, we will begin working on clearing your vehicle for export with US customs. Once cleared, any original documents including shipping paperwork will be returned either directly to you or your import agent overseas. 


How Cars Are Shipped to South America

Cars are loaded securely into a container and shipped to a choice of ports in South America.

  • 1 Car in a 20ft Container.
  • 2 to 4 Cars in a 40ft Container.

From California: 19 to 22 Days

Free Car Shipping Quote for International Vehicle Transport to South America

For over a decade, West Coast Shipping has been providing international car shipping service to South America. 

We ship containers weekly to the following countries:

  • Chile
  • Costa Rica
  • Panama
  • Peru
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Disclaimer: We only provide the ground & ocean transportation service. Customer will be responsible for import & unloading fees when the car arrives at the destination port overseas. Insurance is optional.