Car Shipping from the USA to France

Your how to guide on car shipping to France

We are an experienced French speaking company which ships hundreds of cars and motorcycles to France each year. If you are vacationing in France, permanently moving, or are a dealer who is importing cars from the US, we will take care of the logistics and all of the paperwork required.

We collect your vehicles from anywhere in the US, transport it to one of our facilities for loading, clear US customs, and ship the vehicles to the port of Le Havre. Get an instant car shipping rate quote to France below.

2016 US Car Export Report

Cost to Ship a Car to France

The cheapest port to ship a car to in France is the port of Le Havre, rates range from $900 to $1,300. Shipping a motorcycle to France costs around $500.

Shipping from New York to France takes around 12 days, while shipping from California takes 30 days.

Need a quicker shipping option? Ship via Air Freight.

Classic Car Shipping to France

Billy B.; 11/30/2016 - Shopper Approved Review
I didn't have any experience before with this company. I just wanted to try WEST COAST SHIPPING from among the international shippers in New Jersey. So far, the services given to really met my standards. They're able to handle our 2 cars professionally. I'm looking forward to doing business again with WC next year.
Car Shipped to: Gravelines, France


How Cars Are Shipped to France

You have numerous options to choose from when shipping your car to France. If you are shipping classic cars, a container may be the best choice. By using a container for shipping, we can load anywhere from 1 to 6 cars (depending on size), the vehicles can either run and drive, or be project cars. We offer consolidation when shipping to the port of Le Havre, meaning you can save money on car shipping to France by shipping your vehicles along with other customers in the same container. When shipping high-value vehicles, we can load them in their own dedicated 20ft or 40ft containers. 

Custom frames are built for each car, and they are safely strapped and braced in the container. Unlike other companies, we do not use forklifts to lift your vehicles as it increases the likelihood of damaging the underside of the vehicle. If you are moving to France, we can also load household goods along with your vehicle. 

Shipping via Roll-on/Roll-off is another option when shipping cars to France. However, unlike with containarized car shipping, you cannot ship anything inside of your vehicle, and the car be in run and drive condition to be able to drive on and off the ship. The ports which support RoRo vary widely, and so do the rates. To get a quote on RoRo shipping from the USA to France request a quote here.

If you require your vehicle in France as fast as possible, we recommend shipping the car via Air-Freight service. Compared to lengthy shipping times and possible port delays when shipping in a container or via RoRo, shipping your car by Air is the quickest shipping options. Transit time is estimated at around 3 to 10 days, depending on the documentation and customs requirements. To get more information on shipping cars by Air, get a quote today.

How Motorcycles Are Shipped to France

Motorcycles are a popular import from the US to France, and most customers use a container. You can fit up to 8 motorcycles in a 20ft container and up to 16 in a 40ft container. They are securely strapped and braced. This makes it the perfect solution for wholesale buyers and dealers. Use the shipping calculator on this page to get a quote on shipping your motorcycle overseas to France.

Another option is shipping your motorcycle via air freight to any international airport in France. It's a more expensive option and it will require a custom crate to be built around the bike. However, it will minimize transit time. Get a quote today.

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French Import Tax

France has one of the most demanding customs offices in Europe. Cars must meet all French regulation. They require all paperwork to be in order and if you are importing classic cars to France than they must be in original, unmodified condition. 


As of 2016, the import tax on cars in France is 10% plus 19.6% VAT. If a car is over 30 years old, you will pay 5.5% tax. Many choose to import their vehicles through Bremerhaven, Germany or Rotterdam, Netherlands. Whichever you choose to ship your classic car to, we can help.

If a car is over 50 years old, you will pay no import tax and only a 5% VAT will apply. 


Motorcycles are currently taxed at 9% plus 19.6% VAT. 

Disclaimer: We only provide the ground & ocean transportation service. Customer will be responsible for import & unloading fees when the car arrives at the destination port overseas. Insurance is optional.